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> this is bbc world news america. funding of this presentation is by the freeman foundation. newman's own foundation, giving all profits to charity and pursuing the common good for .ver 30 years union bank. and charles schwab. at union bank our relationship managers work hard to know your business. offering specialized solutions meet your to help you
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growth objectives. tailor ed pertise and solutions for small businesses and major corporations. can we do for you? and now bbc world news america. bbc world news america reporting from washington. unity announces a new government but in the strategic break of crimea clashes out between pro and anti-russian protesters. france calls for an end of violence in venezuela after two more thanlashes leave a dozen dead. it is one of the greatest fossil finds in history. millions of years ago whales mass.n now scientists say they know
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why. viewers on o our public television in america and around the world. president orders military exercises in the region bordering ukraine. the defense minister insist they ave nothing to do with the political turmoil but the u.s. secretary of state warned it grave mistake for military intervention by moscow. occurred as protests broke out and the interim president bbc his nation is on the brink of financial disaster. this report from kiev. >> in these revolutionary days ukraine this is what it takes to form a government. the men and women selected to ministers were paraded on stage in independence square in
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a vast crowd. president said up popular decisions would have to avoid there were angry shouts. hen the list of ministers was read out. most were applauded but some prote nationalist om a party objected that their to the e had not gone defense ministry. the new prime minister spoke to the bbc. >> we are on the brink of disaster and this is the government of political suicide ersz. welcome to hell. parliament utside they were removing the fences that kept the protesters out. now the people will be able to them directly. law and order is still in the numerous civil defense groups. today it was announced the hated
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riot police with be disbanded. the new leaders are acutely their power comes from those who fought in the main square. this is hospital number 17 where many of the 2,000 people injured 21-year-old person who became a symbol of the when she wrote on social media i am dying. thought i would d die. such known people die of neck wounds. i'm a medical worker. totally without compassion. all of these can't be for nothing because there's been too blood. >> here is the dilemma. is mood amongst the people for a thorough cleaning out of the old guard but that takes urgent ukraine is in need of a credible government now because the country is in running out of money.
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bank today they watched the ukrainian currency low.n all-time crimean city there were opposedpro russians who the new government scuffled with crimean tartars. hey ordered a massive military exercise close to ukraine's border but said it was not events.d to in kiev there is still mourn in. ukraine's new leaders warned the country is on the disaster. they mourn the dead but they must think of the future of the country. discuss what go i had is going on in ukraine and u.s. he options are with senator christopher murphy who december to iev in
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address the protesters. ordering the exercises how concerned are you bout strong-arm tactics from moscow? >> i think we are very concerned. secret from de no the beginning they will likely do everything they can to ukrainian citizens from exercising their will which is to join an affiliation with european union. they made no bones about the act both privately and frankly to some of us in senate publicly signs the european agreement at the end of last year they would have come down legal sanctions including possibly cutting off goes upplies so it is not is surprising the russians are engaging in a show of force but mistake to a grave go farther than this. my hope is in the coming days coalition e a government in kiev to have the support not just of that section of the government but the east
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crimea as well. >> you said the united states inds to stand by its friends ukraine. what those friends really need is cash. extent is the united states willing or able to pony billions of dollars ukraine needs now? > well, obviously it is more likely that that amount of money, whether that number is $7 it is or $38 billion, likely somewhere in between, will come from the i.m.f. a lot of states has influence there and can show significant leadership. a smaller ing about aid package that could be approved by the united states that is likely to be in the hundreds of millions of billions.ot tens of i spoke to the secretary today in a is actively engaged conversation with the i.m.f. to see if there is an ability to loan package in the near future. we will debate in the united a tes senate hopefully
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smaller package of assistance that can maybe be a temporary life line. the cash but just who is going to influence ukraine. ukraine ggested if doesn't get money from the west it will have to get it from they will put leverage on the new government. >> i think that is what the i.m.f. and europe has misunderstood. instances where they negotiated there was not another offer like greece. we have to understand that we are not negotiating in a vacuum. on ia is putting an offer the table in the short term and has been more attractive because it doesn't come with strings attached. the i.m.f. will not give money ithout economic strings, the united states won't offer assistance without political strings. they have to make difficult put together a true coalition government so there are tough times for ukraine ahead. and they will have to understand new if he they want
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leadership in kiev it will come with difficult political choices short-term result in pain on the streets of that country. that is a difficult thing for midon to accept but there money can't come unconditionally. >> today pope francis added his to those calling for an end to the violence in venezuela. audience he ekly called for dialogue after the clashes that left at least 13 dead.e antigovernment protesters are on demonstrating against the handling of the economy and violence has reached highs. i spoke with the director of the latin c council's american center. >> how does this end? we had two weeks of violence some of the most iolent protests in the hrlast decade in venezuela. >> in won't end as quickly as it
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ukraine.e there are protests all around the country but they are not massive. a couple of very large protests but i think the government is very entrenched. situation in venezuela is catastrophic economically. have to shop multiple places to find what they have to eat. and inflation is 56%. so it can't go on. pretty strategy is unclear. >> who is it that is on the streets at the moment? a broad spectrum of venezuelan society opposed to he government because of economic conditions or the people that have always been opposed to the chavez movement? people who have always been opposed to the chavez movement are there but increasing numbers of venezuelans beginning to see the in the criminality rate world, most disastrous situation economically is not the fault of everybody but the government as the government would like the people to believe but the fault
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government who can't manage the situation. under chavez -- do you have a t tipping point where enough with the s are fed up government that a government popularly elected and had the reinforced in local elections in december goes? that, quite a way from aren't we? >> i don't think we are there yet certainly. think there is room for negotiation. the government seems to be making signs that they are ooking for some type of negotiation. right now their invitation to negotiation is something akin to hate you, i despise you, but come sit with me. basically come listen to me. but i think it is possible that might get ontinue we an actual dialogue and i think you is possible if mentioned pope francis the church has a role to play. looking beyond pope francis to other players america or atin
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north america, who is there that mediates party that this crisis in venezuela? the opposition offered the church. the church has a long history in america as a mediator, architegentina and chile and it was suggested to bring the in as a mediator and third party with an agenda. now the government wants to invite people to a meeting to but they have had a meeting they don't have an agenda or dialogue and don't have a third party. continue.s thanks very much. hat violence continues in venezuela and at the moment no indication that those protests the oing to dislodge government or leave the streets and put an end to the bloodshed. islamists two convicted of the murder of a were h soldier in london
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sentenced to life in prison. into the soldier with a car and hacked him to death in onlookers.o are fade they much sentenced in their after brawling with security guards inside the courtroom. hundreds of protesters have in istanbul against the urkish president's approval of an increase of government control over judges and grapples with it corruption allegations that directly implicate the prime minister himself. is a year since pope benedict stepped down from the patch si -- papacy and he has written to say his decision had scandals at with evacua vatican. he said it was health issues. anti-smoking legislation will be introduced in the european union
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smokers by 2.4 million. the rule voted by the parliament picture health warnings will have to dominate packaging. flavored cigarettes are banned to be a maximum as tine level for e-gretzky well. according to syrian state media killed in were damascus after government forces ambushed them. in a conflict t that has spilled across the borders. is one of opposition the last strongholds. in recent weeks thousands fled there into lebanon to seek refuge. we have this report. lebanon meet and .ies the road eople take this most days and it is under siege. he passengers this is their
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escape route. nder the gaze of the lebanese military they seek refuge the past two weeks. he is going back to fight. his passenger won't return. >> i left because of the shelling. the air strikes and missiles. hezbollah on one side and army on the other. we have to leave for the sake of children s. >> it is dangerous but you are going back. >> i'm going back it stand brothers.r i can't stay here in humiliation. will go and fight until my last drop of blood. is like those fleeing on government from artillery. the streets have been in rebel
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the beginning of the war. if the regime takes it they will from damascus.e it is only an hour away. right over those hills in syria. it is the last rebel stronghold of the if opposition is to hold that ground they need to be unified they need weaponry. will be one of the peufirst paths of a new militay strategy. have outmatched the rebels but occasionally had the heavy weaponry they needed. rebel commanders have been saudi d new weapons by arabia. it is new missiles he is desperate for. we've t important thing
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requested and need are anti-aircraft weapons. , it is me isn't bombing targeting civilians. > when do you think you will get your hands on them? >> only when everything is ready. them to e don't want fall into the wrong hands. > the rebels' task is considerable. for now many of the fighters have moved their families to lebanon. it is not free from danger but it is safer here than in the they are fighting to keep. the swaeuituation becomes more complicated as the opposition fractures. today the c.e.o. of credit suisse was hauled before a u.s. a ate panel one day after congressional report accused largest nd's second bank of helping thousands of wealthy americans avoid taxes.
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acknowledged misconduct by some employees but insisted the management was unaware. among the tactics were passing bank statements in sports hiding cash in panty hose. you are watching bbc world news america. still to come, there is a crisis in the air in china. smog levels have reached dangerous levels and citizens be demanding something condition. jordan's parliament voted unanimously to expel the israeli ambassador and recall its own israeli ay after lawmakers debated a holy site. is holy to jews and must must hrupls. >> it is calm now but tensions past few days he
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in this sensitive site. clashes between palestinian protesters and israeli police. is the third holiest site noble m and it is the sanctuary. they believe mohammed ascended rock a it is where two termps were.h many want the right to pray here freely. first time thehe israeli parliament held a debate about extending israeli control here. for the islamic watch the trust that is in custody that was a serious provocation. any interference with the mosque or change in status, any to take any authority ver it from jordan and moslems
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will bring about an eruption of iolence and israel will bear the consequences. >> israel's debate ended without a vote. but any change to the status of site would inflame masses with the palestinians and moslems all around the world. it would have huge implications o israel's relationship and peace treaty with jordan. >> a crisis for the world health organization is labeling the affecting most of northern china this welcome. evels of the smallest most dangerous pollution particles are more than 20 times the internationally recognized safer the capital of beijing. people have taken to the street that something be done to clean the air. ur correspondent sent us this
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report. >> just to go outside you need a mask. a cloth one really isn't good enough. smog smothering beijing one of he world's biggest cities barely fit to live in. some scientists say it is like a starving everything of sunlight. isn't a's economic past sustain ab sustainable. moving is no good. most cities in china are like there. crisis is ution dissatisfaction rising as of the health impact. hundreds of thousands of remature deaths, up to five years lost from average life expectancy. should like this people stay indoors advises the doctor. outdoors they staged a fun run last weekend.
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in this smog. fun as chinese get richer they are paying more attention to their of life. small individual acts of protest like there by beijing artists are spreading. on ents fed up with choking the smog, china's communist worried the anger could gain momentum. rare esident made a appearance. he is keen to show he is breathing the same air. >> the political impact of the smog is serious. un hahappy.ery if it isn't fixed it may trigger demonstrations and undermine the government's legitimacy. is now dispatching teams to monitor emissions and says it will spend billions on the clean-up. task.a gar tkpwabegan ghanian polluting industries will have to change.
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will haven dirty coal to end. tienemen square you need one of these. without it the pollution in the will coat the inside of your mouth and tongue. china's problem for government. it has promised to clean this up. is really see if it doing that or not. >> unelected by their people, leaders have finding they are still accountable. breathe.eople notrotesting over pollution politics in china. by the way there's been a run on masks. everyone desperate to get one. one of the most astonishing discoveries, a grave yard f whales by the pan american highway in chile and there is a question for scientists. ow did so many of them end up in one location more than five million years ago.
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science correspondent went looking for the answer. desert wasoad in the widened in 2011 construction workers stumbled upon a bounty, rising out of fossil after le whale fossil over 40 with nearly >> in 15 days we had almost 15 whraeupls. expect so many fossils in one place. >> they have spent three years they calling the site whale hill. it is the result of a series of mass strandings. they were poisoned after eating toxic algae and ashore and buried. >> it is a discovery of global mportance that there's never been a find of this size or diversity anywhere in the world, of the very special parts of this region. >> the graveyard is being
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by the road builders. but the scientists kept a permanent record. scanned the bones with the latest techniques. print them in an plastic to study them further. t should provide unprecedented insight into the history of whales on earth. amazing discovery. before we go the world renown guitarist has died at age 66 in mexico. dazzled sician audiences with his lightning reufrphythms and finger works. e is credited with promoting flamenco music to the global audience. e collaborated with jazz and classical musicians and won two latin grammys. a statement from the family said he lived as he wish and died playing with his children beside
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him at the sea. quite the way to go. that brings the program to a close. bbc world news on our channel. watching.much for i will see you back here testimon tomorrow. >> make sense of international funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation. newman's own foundation, giving all profits to charity and pursuing the common good for over 30 years. bank.nion at union bank our relationship
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to understandhard the industry you operate in. ventures nurture new and help provide capital for key strategic decisions. we offer expertise and tailored olutions in a wide range of industries. what can we do for you. bbc world news was presented by los ang
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captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions >> woodruff: the leaders of ukraine's protests offered up their choice for the country's new prime minister, while just across the border, russia flexed it's military muscle. good evening, i'm judy woodruff. >> ifill: and i'm gwen ifill, also ahead: bringing safer, cleaner cooking stoves to some of the billions around the world, who depend on them for food. and replacing the current threats in their homes. >> these stoves and the smoke they produce are blamed for two million deaths each year, from lung cancer and burns. their fires are a major source of greenhouse gases. their fuel a major cause of

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